◆ Concept

Marine Tile is an interior tile crafted in the image of the ocean.

Depending on the amount of light, an ever-changing color and radiance, and a texture reminiscent of the surface of the water can be achieved by arranging the tiles, as if recreating the ocean in your own space, evoking wonder and inspiration.

Development and production of Marine Tile are carried out in the town of Tajimi in Gifu Prefecture, the Mecca of Japan’s tile culture. Each tile is meticulously handmade by master craftsmen, with glaze from the kiln producing varied patterns in every tile, assuring that no two are alike. The tile’s marine color is the result of three years of painstaking work with over 300 pattern tests and a one-of-a-kind design, which was granted a patent in 2012.


◆ Characteristics of Marine Tile

Marine Tile expresses the color and texture of the ocean.

Even a simple, single piece of Marine Tile stands out as decorative craft like “a ring in space.” It is also perfect to use as a beverage coaster, candle holder and with other decorative objects to accentuate any room.

Marine Tile can be used in any imaginative way in your own home,  such as for table decoration and gardening.

Sparkling like the ocean in the light and shifting hues from marine blue to emerald green, its one-of-a-kind color will inspire sentiment seen in no other product. As a luxurious and relaxing interior item, Marine Tile offers you a fragment of the ocean itself.

( Specifications )

Trade name: MARINE TILE

Product category: Interior tile / Interior object (craftwork)

Size: 102x102x13mm (outer dimensions) * Our handmade tile may be subject to a  1 to 2mm margin of error.

Weight: 320g (approx. 11.29oz)

Material: Ceramic / Glazed


◆ Color & Material

The surface of Marine Tile is formed by natural stone-like material similar to “crystal” or “glass,” which glows blue in the light (like sapphire). Various combinations and conditions resulting from an original glaze blend ratio, chemical reaction between the glaze and tile material, kiln temperature and drying time produce an ocean-like color and texture. A distinctive  characteristic of Marine Tile is the “cracked finish,” which cuts in deeper than regular tiles. It creates the glitter-like diamond sparkles produced by the refraction of light. Glaze melted during the firing process also adds to the uniqueness by creating an irregular surface of tile, resulting in no two tiles being alike.

◆ Development

Marine Tile is a product of collaborative efforts between the planning/direction by Naoto Yokota, a designer residing in Tokyo, and master craftsmen in Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture. Yokota’s activities have been recognized at both domestic and international art scenes, such as by Good Design Award (Japan), iF Communication Design Award (Germany) and  an exhibit at N.Y. MoMA (USA). With his themes for Marine Tile being “a genuinely beautiful item” and “possessing authentic inspiration,” Yokota spent three full years to develop Marine Tile by collaborating with glaze specialists and casting craftmen (who worked on sculptures by the late Masuo Ikeda, an internationally acclaimed contemporary artist).

◆ Services

1.  Tile retail (single order)

Single tiles are sold as jewelry pieces.

We also offer interior design suggestions for using a single tile as “a ring in space.”

Tiles make excellent gifts for friends who love the ocean, and come complete with its own specialized package.

Retail price: ¥3,675 (excluding tax)/¥3,150 (including tax)

Package size (outer dimensions): 130x130x80mm  500g


2. Spatial design

According to your needs, we provide spatial design services using Marine Tile for exhibitions, stage settings, photo sessions and weddings.

Marine Tile is perfect for any promotional activities  based on themes of the ocean or utilizing the color blue.


3. Interior design

We provide interior design for commercial facilities, such as cafes and salons, as well as for private  homes. We install Marine Tile on walls and columns as a focal point in the space, creating a vision customized to the customers’ needs. Partial design is also possible, such as on one side of a wall, frame column or any other space.


4. Furnitures and fixtures

We also make custom-designed furniture featuring Marine Tile. We strive to develop innovative and unconventional interior designs, such as a table with an “ocean-like” tile top, cross-shaped fixtures, etc.



◆ Designer

Naoto Yokota

Art Director/Designer

Naoto Yokota began his career as a freelance designer in 2004, after honing his skills at an electric hardware design labratory. He has contributed socially relevant work to a variety of clients, including designs for new products, concept development, and public relations tools. A frequent traveler, he has also participated in the planning and production of art and lifestyle publications, as well as a feature-length road movie, all of which have been released in Japan and abroad. With an emphasis on atmosphere and the mind’s eye, he creates romantic designs full of sensitivity and imagination. In recent years, he has begun development of new work-communication spaces and modular interior products.



Good Design award (JPN), Japan Typography Association award (JPN), iF communication award(GRM), a display with the exhibits in N.Y. MOMA(USA), DSP Japan Space Design award (JPN) etc.